Saturday, May 23, 2015

A War Thought Won Heats Up Again

Perhaps after the Hobby Lobby win in the US Supreme Court, you thought that religious freedom was a legally recognized part of the American's rights under the First Amendment. Guess again:

Circuit Courts Strike Blows Against Religious Liberty

"On Tuesday, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Notre Dame could not reject healthcare coverage of contraception under the Obamacare contraceptive mandate. In fact, the court went further, ruling that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) could not shield Notre Dame because contraceptive use was a “compelling state interest” overcoming the burden placed on religious Americans."

In other words, things sexual are now more important to the court than religious convictions.
"Meanwhile, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals denied an appeal from Priests for Life and other Catholic educational institutions a rehearing on a similar case. The religious groups said that by being forced to sign an exemption, and therefore causing the government to provide contraceptive coverage, their religious liberty had been violated. Like the Seventh Circuit, the DC Circuit rejected that argument, arguing, “In the case of women who get their insurance coverage through an accommodated employer, the law requires insurers to offer the women contraception under a separate plan–completely segregated from the objecting employer’s plan and its payments.”"
So neither a law, such as RFRA, nor the Constitution itself can protect the religious from another law - Obamacare. Thus Obamacare supercedes both law and constitutional rights defining religious protection. But it's worse than that: it is federal judges who control the rights of American citizens. And the federal judges are corrupt:
"In other words, federal judges trump religious beliefs, which cuts against the entire purpose of the RFRA and the First Amendment. The dissent concluded, “Make no mistake: the harm Plaintiffs complain of–and the harm this Court therefore is called to assess–is from their inability to conform their own actions and inactions to their religious beliefs without facing massive penalties from the government.”"
The courts are completely corrupt, matching the Department of Justice and the entire Obama Administration as well as the entire Democrat Party which supports this denial of rights. This will end up in the US Supreme Court, obviously, and the legal/constitutional guarantee of religious liberty is again in peril.

The AtheoLeft is actually only a small part of the USA. But it has infiltrated the castles of power and is determined to destroy the Other. They won't stop... until they are stopped powerfully and with finality.

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