Saturday, May 23, 2015

Obama Wars on Climate Change But Not ISIS

Obama recently declared war on climate change; he wants us to believe that warming is more dangerous than borders which are open to the religion of peace. It can't be demonstrated conclusively that climate change has killed anyone, while Islamists kill more and more every day in more brutal ways. But there is a radical difference between the two, and a radical similarity.

The difference is that climate change is an easy messianic opportunity to save the world and punish the west, while messing with Islam is not easy when Leftists accept Islamists as congruent in their mutual hatred of the west and especially Christianity. Every western world citizen will be punished for producing the enemy, Climate Change; no Islamist is to be considered an enemy until after he has killed a western world citizen, and even then Islam will be exonerated. Christianity and Christians are the enemy, never Islam and Islamists.

The similarity is that fighting climate change (wealth redistribution and world law), and not doing much about ISIS et. al. (anti-colonialism and anti-nationalism) both are steps toward world government, which is a Leftist utopian craving.

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Steven Satak said...

If Obama was on the payroll of ISIS and the United Nations, what would he being doing different?