Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fred, On The "Ballmer Riots"

Ballmer: A Race War in Slow Motion

The Talking-Heads Chorale will see the riots, are seeing the riots, not as an intensification of the undeclared racial war, but as a protest against racist police or the racism of whites. Oh, quite. Never mind that Ballmer’s black government sets standards for the hiring, training, and behavior of its police, and half of the accused cops are black. But the conduct of their police cannot be the fault of blacks, because nothing is.

Ominous for the future, though, is the solidarity of blacks in favor of the looters and arsonists. Our black president Obama, protecting his people, attributes the riots to racism and Republicans. Black leaders, e.g. Al Sharpton, see the villainy of whites as the cause. (I am inclined to agree that the riots involved racism, considering that black rioters reportedly burned chiefly Asian businesses.) The city’s black mayor first said “give them space” to loot. Later she told the police to stand down and let the rioters loot and burn. She has the intelligence of a raisin, but she knows whose side she is on. She isn’t alone. Supportive riots and attacks on whites, e.g. in Charleston have occurred.


Third, burned-out business will not return to be burned again. The city will thus have fewer jobs, fewer amenities, and no pharmacy, as they sacked and torched their CVS outlet. The Chorale will attribute this withdrawal to racism, slavery, oppression, White Privilege, and microaggressions. What else could account for not wanting one’s store burned?

In particular, blacks, having burned their pharmacy, will complain that it isn’t there. They will not see a connection between its burning it and its not-thereness. The Chorale will not see in this behavior low intelligence, short time-horizons, and inability to control impulses or to foresee consequences. No. It is the ineradicable racism of whites that makes a burned pharmacy not be there.

Two hundred businesses destroyed in Baltimore: Breitbart: . This makes sense. When something happens that I don't like, I usually go to the local Walmart, steal everything I can carry, and then burn the store. Don't you? What is really comic though is from Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland: It “will take a little while to get back to normal, but let’s get people back to normal, get people back in the city to visit devastated shops.” Since many of those shps didn't have barbaric-population insurance, they will not reopn, and if they do, it won't be in black Ballmer.Which is what the city deserve.
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