Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More on Iraqi WMDs

More Borak rockets with higher concentrations of Sarin have been found. Much of the collection of Iraqi WMDs has been done by the CIA and is still secret for some unknown reason. The public finds out about these WMDs only through oblique channels, it appears. But it is clear that Sadam's WMDs did exist and were not destroyed, regardless of claims that they had been.


Robert Coble said...

Lies! Lies! LIES!

Don't you know that all of those non-existent chemical weapons were discovered and deemed "unfit for use," even though the inspectors had to take the word of Saddam's minions that they had no reason to actually VERIFY that the bunkers were clear of non-existent weapons?!?

Who are you going to believe, these idiots who keep "finding" non-existent weapons, or the President of the United States?!?

Next thing you know, you'll be giving Pinocchios to the Prez for some of his "truth telling." For goodness sake, the man garnered a Nobel Peace Prize BEFORE he did anything to deserve it. And look at how well that has worked out for the Middle East!

Dragon fang said...

Didn't Bush and Condoleezza claim that Saddam is actively developing chemical, biological, and nuclear WMD in secret ongoing programs with an explicitly aggressive purpose, and that they were six months away from a crude nuclear device?

The biggest Iraqi opposition to the UN dismantling effort was when Clinton announced sponsorship to rebel groups through the "Iraq Liberation Act".

Robert Coble said...

It kind of reminds me of the current administration's "estimate" that the Iranians are about 3-6 months away from a nuclear weapon "breakout."

Rhetorical question:

Which is easier to believe?

(1) Iranian mullahs declaring that they intend to wipe the "Little Satan" and the "Great Satan" off the map at the earliest opportunity. Death to Amerika!

(2) The U.S. government regarding ANYTHING.

That's a TOUGH question to answer, but I think the Iranian mullahs have far more credibility at this point.

Hey, wait a darned minute!

How did Dragon fang and I end up agreeing on something?!?

Just kidding, brother.

As-salamu alaykum (Arabic السلام عليكم)

Please hold off on the light cheek-to-cheek kisses, alternating sides.