Friday, June 26, 2015

Dylann Roof

I think by now that it is safe to say that no one has come up with any Christian or other religious connections in the life and worldview of Dylann Roof. If that connection could be made, it would be exploited to the maximum absurdity. But it has not been made. Thus we may further observe that Roof is most likely to be, if not specifically Atheist, at least one of the "nones", the "no religion" category which Atheists rush to claim as their own. This is not to say that Atheism is a driving motivation for Roof. It is to say that Roof has been unimpeded by any morality other than that of his own devising. And that is identical to the process of moral self-creation which Atheists, if they are to have morals, must perform in order to get them.

In his own way Roof is a social justice warrior, a self-declared messiah for his own version of moral salvation of his designated Victimhood Class. In Roof's case, the Victimhood Class refers to white Europeans and white European culture; the Oppressor Class is filled with those Others who Roof declares as threats to his Victimhood Class. Roof's Other Class, the Oppressor Class, includes Blacks and Hispanics, but not Asians, to whom Roof grants ally status due to his perception of Asian racial purity attitudes which align with his own.

Because Social Justice is intended for purification of humanity based on Class Theory and warped moral principles, Roof's theory is the same fundamental structure as the Leftist Social Justice Warriors, with the same three class designations: Messiah Class, Victimhood Class, Oppressor Class. Only the specific objects placed into each class are different.

The purity purging by the Leftist SJWs differs from that of Roof only in degree, not in kind. The kind in this case is the common intent, and that intent is purification purging of human society for a single, common outcome: domination of the Messiah Class.

Because their worldviews have the same theoretical structure and the same moral intent, varying only in the objects, Dylann Roof and the Leftist Social Justice Warriors are of the same kind, in the same class, of the same motivation, with themselves in the narcissistic focal point as Messiahs. Each is as dangerous as the other. It should not be forgotten that the SJWs inspired and motivated the attempted mass murder at FRC.

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Phoenix said...

I read some Atheist comments on different forums regarding Roof's religious views.Atheists are not wasting anytime attempting to link Dylan to Christianity,even though Roof made no mention of any religious affiliation and neither did he invoke any Christian slogans prior,during and after the shootings.

Now if Dylan had won a Nobel Prize in physics,then Atheists would have immediately claimed him for themselves.And their reasons would be...because he made no mention of any religious affiliation and neither did he invoke any Christian slogans prior,during and after receiving his award.

But in the end,religion (Christianity in particular) is primarily concerned with beliefs, and not biological characteristics.Dylans obsession with physical traits is a Darwinian principle and a subset of Materialism.