Friday, June 26, 2015

SCOTUS *hearts* Gays

By removing any residual morality from the concept of marriage, the US Supreme Court has rendered the union meaningless from a moral standpoint. So any other meaning which marriage might have is also to be designated by the government, probably solely by SCOTUS which now is the ultimate legislative body, from which there is no further recourse.

The concept of marriage is now fungible and can be expanded by minority forcings. What it will come to include is anyone's guess at this point, but it is certain that future challenges from other quarters of disorders will occur. And if equality is, well, equal, then all disorders must be treated equally to have access to marriage. Given equal treatment in SCOTUS, then, (and that is certainly not certain) they all can have access to marriage, they just must wait their turn.

In today's circus there is no traditional institution (such as truth, free speech, tenth amendment rights) which is not an abomination in line for abolition by moral, iconoclastic, crusaders for perversion rather than rationality. There are no "good" traditions and there are no "bad" perversions. It is not necessary to accept a concept of Satan in order to observe that there is a definite difference between what is good and what is evil, and that today's cultural drivers are not interested in anything which can be considered "good" by anyone but themselves.

The cultural acceptance of behavior A became demonized in a huge marketing campaign which was outlined in specific documents. Cultural behavior A became so demonized that a general silencing of morals and moral speech regarding behavior A became the norm. Behavior B, on the other hand, was first designated Victimhood status, then became the icon of acceptable and "moral" behavior. In little more than a decade, behavior B - the antithesis of behavior A - replaced behavior A. Replacing behavior A is not simple, though, and merely demonizing it is not sufficient. With behavior B in full control, those preferring behavior A are to be punished, and as severely as possible under current standards.

But current standards of punishment must change, also. They are insufficient to meet the needs for cultural control which are necessary to maintain behavior B as a permanent replacement for behavior A. So punishment standards must evolve to a new level, level B, also.

It never stops in the totalitarian world. Utopia is always in danger from incompatible thought. So in universal utopia, only utopians are to be allowed. The ratchet works in only one direction.

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Anonymous said...

Fucking fags won this time, we need to keep up the fight! They will NOT SILENCE US!