Saturday, June 13, 2015

Engineering Mankind With Instillation of Hate

One of the characteristics of the Atheoleftist-dominated self-designated Messiah Class and the Social Justice Warriors in general, is to classify people into convenient classes of Victimhood and Oppressors, and then to accuse by projection of their own hate characteristics onto to those who they hate, those who they designate as Oppressors. This is done for two reasons; first to generate fear in the perpetual Victimhood Class; second, to provide a pseudo-moral basis for the fundamental religious behaviors which are necessary for their tactics.

We can see that in Hillary today, who has just made a hate speech in Texas, and is preparing to ramp up hatred amongst her base, by claiming that Not-Democrats hate blacks. That in turn is expected to increase the hatred which plantation blacks maintain for Not-Democrats, despite the Democrat habit of sucking the life out of the blacks in every city they control.

It could be seen in the perpetuation of the Ferguson concept, "Black Lives Matter", when the fact of Ferguson is that a black attacked a white cop, and the evidence which was overwhelming in favor of the cop is ignored, and "Ferguson" is now a race narrative contained in just that one word.

It can be seen in the sorry affair of Rolling Stone, the University of Virginia, and the liar, "Jackie", where a desired narrative of Oppressors vs. Victims became a national scandal as it was revealed to be false, and yet still was "necessary" to the process of the perpetuation of the concept women's Victimhood, and men as animalistic Oppressors.

It can be seen in both Gamergate, and especially in the SFF hugo awards, which were the exclusive playroom of the "correct thinking" SJWs, until they were challenged by the Other Class. So the Other Class has been lableled with every pejorative that the SJWs can come up with, including NAZI, and that from executives in the publisher, TOR. TOR is experiencing the leading edge of a rebellion of both their readers and their author base, who are incensed at being labeled NAZIs, just because they want fair treatment in both publishing and the award selection process.

The self-righteous arrogance of the SJWs allows them the moral privilege to run the world, and to attempt to destroy, frequently succeeding, the careers and lives of those who have different opinions. Their targets have acceded in the past, and the SJW/Messiah class has succeeded in both their creation of permanent Victimhood classes of the perpetually aggrieved who cannot achieve without the "help" and "protection" of the Democrat SJW/Messiahs. And they cannot understand why it is that their situation always deteriorates, and always needs evermore protection from the white Messiahs.

Modern feminist Victims and plantation black Victims have this in common: they actually are victims. But not of anyone other than their perpetual dominators - the Democrats who have oppressed them ever since the Democrat party came into being nearly 200 years ago. Today the Democrats convince minorities that they are weak, they are ignorant, they cannot stand for themselves, and that they - the party of oppression for nearly 200 years - will serve as their protectors and benefactors. They preserve the master/slave concept by convincing the slaves that having a master is good, in fact it is necessary, because, as slaves, they are too inferior to exist in the real world on their own merits and strengths. And they get away with blaming the slavery on the hated class which is the Not-Democrats.

The modern history of the Democrat party still matches its older history (perhaps why they want to write the history books) in the sense of keeping minorities in subjugation, fearful, and their personal captives; still masters of the slave class. That is the message which is to be taken from Hillary's Hate campaign, as she tries to instill fear of the Other, yet justify opening the doors to more voter fraud, dishonesty at the financial and billionaire level, and borders open to ever-cheaper labor which is supported by government programs of all sorts intended for American citizens, not foreigners here to steal it from actual taxpayers. These are not beneficial to the Victimhood/slave class, but are to the Messiah/Leftist Class. But to say those things becomes "hate", no matter how true they are in actual reality. And so today truth = hate.

We live in times characterized specifically by hate. And that is generated by those advertising their Hatred of Hate, and pumping fear into the unwary. Because that's the path to Utopia; it always is the Path To Utopia, to the New Man, to "egalite'", to "tolerance", and to perfection of humans by the control of the elite engineers of mankind, who must break eggs to make a homogenous omelet out of all humans. And who eats the omelet?

The Victimhood Classes might, possibly, be on the verge of comprehending that when Democrats are in charge things don't get better for the Victims, they get worse. I don't know if it's really the case that the light of realization is turning on. But the real cause for their victimhood needs to be hammered home, because it is true.

"The age of Obama has passed. Many of the Millennials who enthusiastically supported Obama during his campaigns have grown disillusioned by Washington. A Harvard poll of young voters last year, for instance, found trust in major government institutions dropping dramatically. A large portion are out of work and tired of paying taxes for a ballooning entitlement state — an entitlement state from which they expect no benefits."


Robert Coble said...

Two interesting (related) stories:

Link: Race of Rachel Dolezal, head of Spokane NAACP, comes under question

I especially appreciated the standard deflection by regional NAACP President Gerald Hankerson -- the top NAACP official for Washington state as well as Oregon and Alaska -- who questioned how much her race should really matter and whether this debate was worth having.

"It's unfortunate that this has become a trending conversation," he said, "when there's a lot more important things that are going on in America that we should be better addressing." ("Nothing to see here, folks; more important issues to discuss; move along.")

Another "funny" is the #WrongSkin pic (posted on Vox Day's Vox Popoli site:

Link: I'm a transracial - there's something wrong with my skin color!

Oh, the heaviness of that OLD WHITE MAN burden, self-imposed by those Democrat SJW champions of freedom! But, not to fear: those broad shoulders of Miss Hillary are more than sufficient to carry those poor Democrat slaves to Utopia. "Aww don't feel noways tired. I've come too faarrr from whar I started frum."

Speaking about that OLD WHITE MAN burden, here's a different perspective from one of the putative "burdens":

Link: The White-Savior Industrial Complex


"If we are going to interfere in the lives of others, a little due diligence is a minimum requirement.

If only the SJW culture would take that idea to heart! But that would require THINKING, not just emoting, and require letting go of the Messiah complex, and THAT is certainly NOT going to happen.

Robert Coble said...

(I think this is in the right place - it's hard to tell where a comment has been posted when there is a delay. PLEASE do NOT remove comment moderation, if it can reduce the number of HUGO posts!)

I went looking for "The White Savior Industrial Complex" article, forgetting that it was posted right here on the blog.

My apology for the redundancy of the link. It's still thought-provoking (or would be, if SJWs actually thought).