Friday, June 12, 2015

To the Troll

You might as well give up. I read no further than your identity, and immediately delete you - with a smile.

That is the beauty of the blogger set up. I get to nuke you without reading a word.

Keep wasting time if that's your intent, but now it's just your time and not mine or anyone else's that you are wasting.

Ha Ha! Ha HAAAAA! You're done here.


Phoenix said...

Well at least he knows I am not fake.otherwise he would have noticed by now.he does not get fooled THAT easily.

Stan said...

The juvenile troll is using the names of people who comment here. If he is using your name, please email me and let me know.

Robert Coble said...

So far, this is the list of trolls that I have. I only went back to April 2015, so I'm sure there are many other pseudonyms that qualify.

Known HUGO sock puppets:
Martin Kulp
Dragon fang

Suspected HUGO sock puppets:
TJSmith - at least, in the most recent two posts
Sridhar Chandrasekaran – possible bot

The troll "hot button" issues seem to be biology, evolution, climate change and Islam, in no particularly order of priority.

Steven Satak said...

No one would want to use my name. No, seriously. It'd be a step from anonymity to OMG.

Seriously, I am glad you can cackle gleefully, Stan. About time those wretched Lefty drones were screened out.