Monday, June 22, 2015

Here's Why Obama Favors Iran Over Israel

Iranian Parliament Chants “Death to America”
It's because the Iranians agree with him regarding America.


Phoenix said...

The possibility exists that Obama might be a closet muslim.He is known to be very supportive of Shiite (aka Shia) muslims,the majority sect in Iran.However,it's my personal opinion that Obama,more likely than not, does not believe in a deity.His motives for backing Islam is purely because he hates the west and the white man and simply sees Islam as their greatest rivals.He will side with any group that hate the white man.

Stan said...

I agree that Obama appears to be an Atheist. He is, in fact, so narcissistic that having a deity would be contrary to his personal universe. He still thinks that the world should heal itself by just listening to his words (as women faint at his sight). If the world doesn't do so, then world is too inferior to comprehend his greatness.