Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Heart of the Matter

The Hate of Ignorance

"Sadly, Americans no longer have a concept of what true hatred is. Thanks to the twisted distortions of the Left, the very meaning of the word has been diluted from what it really is -- animating senseless murder and violence -- to political dissent. This is hatred -- gunning down men and women in cold blood -- not the act of disagreeing over moral views. Liberals fail to see the difference, instead recklessly labeling opponents "hateful" simply for believing differently than they do.

Hate is what motivates men like this to slaughter innocent people. It's what drives such a disrespect for humanity that men like Floyd Corkins can walk into FRC with the intent to kill as many people as possible. While the White House bemoans our culture of animosity, it continues to inflame it through policies that accelerate moral decline and family breakdown. But instead of recognizing the root cause of moral breakdown, it blames the violence on a familiar scapegoat: gun control.

As Americans, we must have the honesty to step back and examine the real issues, even if the President continues exploiting these tragedies to accomplish his ultimate goal: expanding government at the expense of personal freedom. "The real work of reducing violent crime is the work of rebuilding the family," FRC's Dr. Pat Fagan has said. Yet the President continues to seize on the moment to place blame where it does not belong. "[W]e do know that once again, innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun."

The reality is, someone who wants to inflict harm will find a way. Ask the amputees in Boston, or the Christians in Syria. Is ISIS using guns to behead its victims? No. The government can't make us safer until it recognizes that the problem isn't the instruments of violence -- but the environment of it. Stronger gun laws wouldn't have prevented the deaths of those nine people in South Carolina, any more than it would have stopped Floyd Corkins from walking into our lobby and shooting Leo Johnson. "The heart of the matter is not guns," Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News's Megyn Kelly yesterday. "The heart of the matter is the heart."
With the killer waving a racist flag from the Democrat South, it is hard for the Left to blame conservatives (although Mahr did just that). This killer is likely an Atheist, too, so religion can't be blamed (although Atheism will not be). No. Obama immediately blamed guns for the killing, and exercised the cynical Leftist policy of never wasting a crisis as an opportunity to increase government control, and reduce the rights of the people. Did Obama demand control of pressure cookers after the Boston Marathon Bombing? They "had no trouble getting their hands on a pressure cooker", did they?

The actual fact is that implements of destruction are everywhere; but implements of self-defense - even defense against tyrannical fools like Obama - are under attack. In a nation which is dominated by those intent upon demonizing the Other and pursuing the delegitimization of dissent, all the while fomenting class hatred and violence, the path toward a violent future is already laid and paved with the hate of the Left for everyone and everything which is not them and congruent with their intention to persecute the Other. That, then, is the heart of the matter.

First they came for Badcisheterosexuals; then they came for the Badspeak; then they came for the Badthink; then they came for the Badgenetic-gender; then they came for the Badgenetic-skincolor... When the self-created moral fundamentalists who make up their own moral principles become the tyrants, it's with the religious fervor of moral certainty. That certainty, being both "moral" and self-created, is unshakable in its determination to dominate everyone else.

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