Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dice's Extra Male-Privilege Tax On Men


Hugo Pelland said...

Ya, the country has clearly gone insane when people think that funny videos like that mean anything, because yes, it was funny, but that's it right? This doesn't mean anything, you understand Stan that we could stand on the corner of any busy street and get 5min footage of people signing anything at all, almost literally anything, if you just use the right bhzz words. This is for entertainment purposes, right?

Why do I feel like it a actually might mean something to you... please prove me wrong...

Stan said...

Here's what I feel. Nothing outside of the Leftist narrative has any "meaning" for you. Your approach is to "ignore" all individual datum and to declare them meaningless anecdotes. And it goes further than that, doesn't it. You arrogate to yourself the power of determining whether instances of evidence are to be ignored, not just by yourself, but by everyone, especially it appears, me.

Your secondary claim is that people are stupid and will sign anything, and didn't understand what they were signing. Talk about cynical - yet that is, in fact, the Leftist purpose of maintaining MSM silence on issues which reflect badly on the Left: low information voters are important to the Left. An example is the "uncommitted voters" who actually watch presidential debates in order to "determine who has the best program promises", rather than looking at the histories of the candidate and the party s/he represents for lies, hate mongering, discrimination, cronyism, economic failure, lost wars, etc.

You can prove me wrong, go ahead. But you cannot use individual incidents, under your own rules for how I should operate this blog. And those rules of yours mean that your opinion is not a critierion for determination, either.