Tuesday, July 28, 2015

[Sarcasm Alert: Go To Your Safe Place Immediately]

The Coming (And Hilarious) Democrat Implosion

"Yes, if she wants to keep ahold of her base and any chance of winning, Her Highness {Hillary] is going to have to try to decipher the ever-changing cryptography of leftist priorities. Do black lives matter more than brown ones? How about if someone has a limp … is that worth a couple extra points on the oppression scale? And what about LGBTQ lives – how much do they matter with respect to Pacific-Islanders lives? And is the acronym “LGBTQ” even enough, or is she unforgivably forgetting several more letters representing other oppressed classes of esoteric gender identity contortionists and exotic sexual practitioners?

But turning on Team Social Justice Fascism means turning off the normals. Hillary wanted to be reaching out to regular Americans and now she has to kiss up to millennial twerps with 500,000 Twitter followers who babble about “privilege.” Regular Americans are going to be super excited to hear how they are morally deficient solely because their great-great-great grandfather hailed from Stuttgart.

And that whole War on Women thing is going to fall a little flat now that Hillary’s allies got caught on tape swilling cabernet and giggling about their war crimes. Despite what those in her little circle of abortionophilics think, normal people are disgusted and appalled at the thought of a tax parasite organization supplementing its government subsidies by dismembering babies and auctioning off the chunks. "
Unless there are actually sufficient "normal people" remaining, Hillary will win anyway; it's her turn in the hierarchic ascension. Maybe after her it will be Caitlyn's turn to be the first XY-quasi-woman president.

And there is this:
'Have you been sexually harassed by Bill Clinton?'
I wonder why WaPo hasn't covered this? They're probably in their safe place, I guess.

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