Monday, July 6, 2015

The Troll Issue

Folks, there is more than one Hugo, but only one of them is a troll. I will publish other Hugos as they arrive and comment - please welcome them, they are NOT all trolls. I'll try to keep the original troll at bay, but as you know he sock-puppets in order to create disruption by inserting irrationality. There will always be trolls, and they won't get caught right away. So I must engage them, at least briefly, until their real intentions are clarified. When that happens, they become icons of the mindset which must be fought in the culture/morality war which they have chosen to wage. So I don't mind dealing with them, but only up to a point beyond which there is no remaining value to their existence on this site, and their disruption needs to cease.

At any rate, please welcome any other Hugos which comment here.



Robert Coble said...

To Hugo Pelland and any other Hugo EXCEPT HUGO the troll:

The capitalization of HUGO is intended to address the troll (or trolls; it's difficult to determine how many, if more than one, trolls are actually posting here) and is NOT intended to literally address any other poster (like you) who coincidentally is actually named Hugo. I will continue to refer to any and all trolls by the generic HUGO until or unless requested by the blog owner to cease and desist.

My apology to any "friendly fire" casualties in the war of words with the homo sapiens ignoramus hiding behind the pseudonym HUGO. Actually, I'm not sure that HUGO possesses the required characteristics to reach up to the level of homo sapiens ignoramus.


Hugo Pelland said...

Thanks for the note Robert! Stan also explained by email that there were some trolls, and I am well aware of the issue. It seems to me that ignoring is the best way but it's not always easy when he/they pretend to be serious only to waste time...

Take care!

Steven Satak said...

Sorry about that, Stan.