Monday, July 6, 2015

Obama's Illegal Immigration, Rape Trees

Apparently known about for a long time, the Obama refusal to actually defend the border of the USA has resulted in the rapes of the female illegals by their "coyote" importers. The rapes are celebrated by placing the underwear of the victim on the nearest tree. These trophy trees have become known as "Rape Trees".

The silence surrounding this phenomenon and the ill-treatment of the victims (real victims, not pretend like on campus) in DHS holding pens proves that the Left doesn't really care about rape, either - at least not real rape. They care about an issue only when it serves their purposes, to advance the Leftist narrative of Progressive moral perfection, and the need for the Other to obey them.

The obvious disconnect between these two narrative bullet points: rape culture, and vast illegal immigration sanctioned by Obama, must be ignored in order to protect the dominant issue. In this case the dominant issue is the importance of importing - against US law - as many illegals as possible, and redistributing them around the nation in the dead of night.

Rape of some illegals is a cost which the Left apparently accepts as necessary for the continuation of their scofflaw pursuits. There is even a benefit for the Left: new births on US soil, new American citizens created by rape. That explains why the abortion culture denies abortion to their rape victims, doesn't it.

So the ignoring of these rapes is justified by the Greater Good of illegally importing hundreds of thousands of non-citizens into the USA.

Obama could stop this with a single sentence.

Make your own judgment on the morality of this Leftist behavior.

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Rikalonius said...

Literally makes me sick to my stomach. And the SJW's marched on against white, capitalist, patriarchy.