Sunday, July 5, 2015

Youth and Utopia

By reflection
On perfection
Youth loses all connection
And gains predilection
For self-sanctification.

And denies
As lies
And mysteries
All histories.
Thus doth surge
The urge
To purge.
In the fevered breast
Hatred: all things west
A moral quest
A fervent fest
By moral cleansings bless’t:
Salvation for the best
Eradicate the rest.

A caustic waste
This polar taste
Not to be faced
Just erased
Permanently replaced
By the favored caste.

‘Til youth grows old
Then behold
Mental mold
Takes hold
And nothing told
By an old scold
Can now be sold.

And in NEW young
A NEW song sung:
The urge
Doth surge
To purge!

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