Sunday, July 5, 2015

What?? Only 70% ??

Poll: 70 percent of Americans believe news media is intentionally biased
The other 30% doesn't know what the words "news media" and "bias" mean... Maybe if they were in Espanol?


Robert Coble said...

I often get amused when confronting a Hispanic who is involved in doing something illegal, who claims "No Hablo Ingles." I simply state, "Si, No Hablo Espanol." The usual response is: "You just spoke Spanish." The "look" I get is priceless when I reply, "Yes, I know, and you just spoke English. Let's wait for the policia to arrive."

yonose said...


It would be arrogant and condescending to apologize in behalf of every hispanoparlante still living on this planet, as many of us are quite different depending on location and the state of times.

But it is a sad fact, that not too many Hispanic people -heck even people from Spain (to avoid terms like Spanish, Spaniards, etc.)- wish to understand such a simple concept, and fall in the trap of their local PR machine.

Those types of illegals are the ones that rip the opportunities of us, the hardworking ones who wish to be valued by our honest efforts.

Kind Regards.

Robert Coble said...

No apology expected or needed. Those who commit crimes (a small fraction of every demographic) usually try different things to avoid being arrested. I just think that is one of the funnier ways to expose the fact that they CAN speak and understand English, but pretend not to, solely to avoid the consequences for bad behavior.

One of the marvelous benefits that I get from working with the public (at least a small part of it, anyway) is the opportunity to interact with the many really good people who live here in small-town America. The numbers of people who actually commit crimes are few and far between, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, etc. Most are hard-working honest people, just trying to make a living for themselves and their families. The distribution of crimes committed mirror the general population distribution in the local area: approximately 50% white, 28% Hispanic and 22% black, with a very small percentage of Indians (dot, not feather), Middle Easterns and Asians. I performed the statistical analysis myself, because we had been accused (without evidence of any kind) of racial profiling and targeting of non-whites. The arrest data did not support that assertion.