Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bruce or Caitlyn?

I watched the ABC interview with Bruce Jenner last night. This quote stuck out:

"Sexual attraction and gender are not the same thing.

Sexual attraction is who you go to bed with.

Gender is who you go to bed as."

This is blatantly self-contradictory; a paradoxical belief, outside the boundaries of empirical reality. It is a purposeful destruction by inversion of the standard definition for gender, which is being specifically bastardized to fit and accommodate a specific self-delusion. If this sort of self-delusion is accepted by the psychiatric field as normative, then there is no possible definition for insanity any more, and the field should be shut down completely, with all claims to "science" revoked permanently.

The current official principle for determining a "disorder" is whether the behavior or belief causes problems in the life of the person or the person's intimate relationships; if it does not, then there is no disorder, at least not a problematic disorder by this definition. So a psychopath is not a problem until after whatever mayhem he causes - say shooting up an elementary school or movie theater.

So there is no possible discrimination between reality-seekers, and delusional reality-deniers. They are all declared equal worldviews.

Under the modern education system, reality-deniers are created daily by teachers who were taught to be reality-deniers in the previous generation. No facts are to be gleaned from prior human history, and faux science is to be elevated above the prior Enlightenment empiricism. This is now the intellectual state of westerners educated in government schools for the past 40 years. Since education now teaches emotions as a priority, and that everyone is, without exception, exceptional (blue ribbons all around), the mass thus created has no idea that it is not brilliant to the max. due to thinking the all-new GroupThink, which they have no clue is not new at all.

The most ignorant have no idea whatsoever that they are, in fact, massively ignorant, so they think they know everything of importance and everyone else is stupid. That was always true of teenagers, and that state is now true of the teachers of teenagers, teachers who have been educated and maintained in their ignorance by Leftist policies which declare them to be brilliant because they breathe and have not yet stumbled blindly into a deep hole and died.

The state of the national intellect can be shown by counting those who follow the Kardashians vs. those who know what the Fourth of July is actually about.


Anonymous said...

Good, at least it's clear that you don't understand. This gives you an excuse I guess...... bye, this topic has been overused already.

Stan said...

Oh I understand perfectly. Jenner wants to have sex with women. He has the correct plumbing and genes to do that, and even to procreate.

But he "feels" like he is a woman. That's all there is to it. There is nothing more to understand, or to tolerate. As I said before, I don't care if he, or you, think you are really, really, a door knob. That does not make you a door knob. And it speaks directly to your rationality.

Jenner should go his own way and leave the rest of us alone. But he, and you, will not. Transgenderism is the new weapon against the hated culture which does, in fact, discriminate intellectually between rational concepts and irrational concepts. Jenner's self-concept is irrational. If you accept it, you are accepting something that is irrational. That is your choice, and it reflects directly on your own rationality - the lack thereof.

Tolerance of irrationality in your worldview is fine; demanding that my worldview become irrational because you say so is also irrational and on the order of totalitarian. That's the whole purpose of weaponized "tolerance", which the Left uses as intolerance of dissent. You are a perfect example.

Trying to dismiss this topic is also not going to work. The Left always runs from discussions which they cannot win.

Rikalonius said...


I love this new troll's posts. They make me giggle. No attempt to espouse a counter argument, just a bunch of juvenile school-yard taunts with all the intellectual weight of "I know you are, but what am I?"

If you (universal) have a Y-chromosome, you are a dude. If you have a penis, you are undeniably a dude. You want to cross-dress? It's a free country, but you are not a girl, you are a dude in women's clothing. You are a woman in disguise, but you are not a woman, even if you chop off your male extremities and use pharmaceuticals, you are still, biologically speaking, male.

Steven Satak said...

jim74 did not get to the place he/she is in using reason. Reason will not get him out. I suggest not feeding this particular troll.

Robert Coble said...

@Steven Satak:

I love the thought that reason cannot get one out of the place that reason did not get one into!

The hole of the Void swallows the whole of logic and regurgitates incoherence.