Friday, August 28, 2015

I Self-Identify As Anglo-Hun-Nordic-Franco-Latino-Sapien-Sapien-Neanderthal-Cro-Magnon-American-Legal Parentage.

Hm. Did you know that there is a “FOX News – Latino”? I didn’t, until today. Today’s Latino complaint is that Trump actually used a brand new secret code word, “Univision”, which Latinos actually know means “Mexico”. So Trump was telling Jorge Ramos to go back to Mexico when he told Ramos to “go back to Univision”, which is where Ramos is from and represents.

Every sentence Trump utters (if “utters” can be used to describe Trump’s style) is re-interpreted within the racist context of “Latino” cultural diktat. When Trump said that there are criminals amongst the illegals, he actually declared that “all Latinos are criminals”, and so is declared xenophobic and racist. That is Leftist-speak for tarring the truth speaker to avoid the spoken truths. Some things, and some classes, are sacrosanct, which means that any defects which the class might have cannot be spoken of.

Here’s the fact regarding Ramos: he was being a complete ass. He intended to produce exactly what happened – a firm, civil response by removing the ass from the group – so that he could claim discrimination and racism. Which he promptly did.

If Latinos are buying into this, then shame on them. Responding to incivility is rational and is, in fact, civil. That means that objecting to it is to endorse and promote incivility and in the case of illegals, lawlessness. That is the logical conclusion; but logic in not in play here.

This is reminiscent of the phobic Leftist anti-Semitic attacks on Israel, whenever Israel finally responds to being suicide bombed, shelled and rocketed by Palestinians and other Islamics. Party A is free to abuse Party B, but party B had better not respond to that abuse.

Party A in this case clearly is Mexico, the government of which published a pamphlet telling illegals how to behave when illegally entering the USA. Now the Mexican government is threatening its relationship with Texas, because Texas is fighting the waves of anchor babies produced by lawbreaking illegals, which abuse is promoted by Mexico.

So it is racist and xenophobic to object to illegal activities by whoever wants to violate US laws. This is the mentality of the era.

If some Americans insist on self-identifying as Latino, then I feel obligated to also self-identify as Anglo-Hun-Nordic-Franco-Latino-Sapien-Sapien-Neanderthal-Cro-Magnon-American-Legal Parentage. I have the documentation to prove it, except for the Cro-Magnon; I just feel Cro-Magnon, so that’s how I self-identify. I also self-identify with Red-Deer-Cave-People; but just on weekends.

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Russell (106) said...


I'm not sure what to think of Trump overall, but watching him drive both sides nuts has been entertaining. Panem et circenses and all that.

The funny thing is, Ramos confirmed Trump's push to shut down immigration. If a white man speaking in America about the problem of immigration, illegal and mass, and then is rudely interrupted by a Mexican, well, doesn't that just drive the point home to Trump's base?