Thursday, August 27, 2015

SJW Ramos Invokes His Victimhood

If you missed it, the star Univision "journalist", Jorge Ramos, tried to steal the floor from other journalists and demand that Trump address himself. He would not stop his shouting, even when Trump told him that it was not his turn, he had not been called on. Ramos refused to stop shouting, even as security escorted him out the door. It was a demonstration of a Leftist tyrant assuming that it was his right to dominate the event.

Now Ramos plays the victim:
Ramos: Trump ‘Tried to Silence Me’ Like In ‘A Dictatorship’
No, actually Ramos was allowed back in, and Trump engaged him in due time.

To paraphrase Vox Day, the Left always lies. It's an artifact of valuing the Social Justice narrative over Truth. Ramos had no conceivable justification for his behavior, other than his self-perceived status as an SJW. That status, Messiahism, gives him the "right" to violate all rules, laws and common courtesies.

Trump handled it properly; Ramos was given the opportunity to behave well and he chose not to do so. Security removed him temporarily.

What would Jeb have done?

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Russell (106) said...

Under a dictatorship, we'd never would have heard from Ramos again.