Thursday, August 20, 2015

Quote of the Day

"The race crisis in America could be solved if everybody tomorrow self-identified as black."
Wm. M. Briggs, Re: Breitbart

I'd by far prefer transparent. If people claim to see me, I'd claim microaggression.


Phoenix said...

How would THAT cure racism?Blacks are currently the most racist people on this planet.They are the worst thing that happened to Africa,rivaled by muslim Arabs.
Never mind the entitlement syndrome endemic to blacks,one who identifies himself as black must also pledge allegiance to a pre-civilized culture that abhors modern Western civilization.I could go on and on with a list too long to mention on the enigma that is the black mind,instead watch this clip,straight from the horses mouth.

Most black people lack introspection because they're too busy being everyone's victims

Phoenix said...

Okay,I've just stumbled on this one from the same pastor.A must watch

Black people are the most racist people