Friday, August 21, 2015

The Trump Tornado Bewilders Politicians

Fundamental change for politics.
...the Trump tornado

"Though flummoxed by Trump’s staying power and aghast at the coarse tone he has brought to the race, party elites said they have no plan to take him down. Donors feel powerless. Republican officials have little leverage. Candidates are skittish. Super PAC operatives say attack ads against him could backfire. And everyone agrees that the Trump factor in this chaotic multi-candidate field is so unpredictable that any move carries dangerous risks."
Houston We Have a Problem: Trump Tops Cruz in Texas Poll
It will be interesting to see how many candidates fold in the near future if for no other reason than they are getting no money from big donors.

Is it possible that Trump is transforming the Republican Party into a "third party" which is out of the control of the old dogs and big donors? If he has the staying power, it's just possible...

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