Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fight Racism Scientifically: Be An SJW Racist Yourself

Study Claims Only Way To Be Less Racist Is To Accuse Others Of Racism

"A study out of Denver’s Diversity Symposium has found the only way for people to extinguish racism in their own souls is to become experts at identifying racism in others.

Dr. Wilder, a researcher of racial and cultural statistics gave an interview recently where he informed reporters of his findings.

“Everyone has some form of prejudice. That is simply human nature. But I’m confident in saying that my dedicated group of researchers have found a way in which we can all vanquish those racist impulses that each of us are infected with.

Dr. Wilder went onto say, “The primary way to purge yourself of your own racist inclinations is by diagnosing racist features in others. We’ve found that with each accusation, the brain releases dopamine which diminishes any racist thoughts the accuser may have.”
Well that doesn't seem to work for Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Chawn Kweli and Obama. Maybe they need massive injections of dopamine? What other social ills does dopamine cure? Should we put it in the water?

This deserves a new category: stupid science.


Talon said...

Lol, I know the National Report site is equal opportunity satire (see Sara Palin's battery-free solar powered flashlight), but I refuse to believe anyone could be this silly, even a social sciences professor. Does Dr. Wilder not have a first name? No university or institute he works for? Stan, you need a satire/parody tag for your site, a few might actually fall for "Poes" like this.

Stan said...

Yeh. It is hard to tell these days.