Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CanNOT Make This Stuff Up...

'Project Vulva' at Scripps criticized for alleged 'transmisogyny'
The event was held at The Motley Coffeehouse last Thursday and was supposed to highlight the alleged stigmatization of vulvas in society.

Controversy arose on the event's Facebook page over its alleged 'transmisogyny.'

Supplies were available for participants to decorate cupcakes like vulvas.

"Last Thursday, students at Scripps College hosted an event at The Motley Coffeehouse called “Project Vulva” to initiate dialogue about the alleged stigmatization of vulvas in society.

“Why is it that, generally, society is so comfortable with the image of the penis and vulvas are considered taboo?” states Project Vulva’s Facebook page. “In middle school people would scribble penis pictures on the desks in the classroom. There is always that kid who passes out at the party and someone draws a dick on his face.”

"Equating genitalia to a person’s gender is and always will be transphobic."

Project Vulva’s organizers described the event as “an educational and interactive art show displaying your friends [sic] depictions when we asked them, ‘Can you draw a vulva?’ We will also have cupcakes that you can decorate like vulvas. Supplies are limited!” The event’s stated goal was “to create an open dialouge [sic] educating people about the vulva in order to confront society’s stigmas and stereotypes, and make people more comfortable with the many varying images and types of cis and non-cis vulvas.”

However, the event faced harsh backlash from online from commenters who found it offensive to the trans community."
Anyone care what a non-cis vulva looks like?

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