Thursday, November 19, 2015

More Leftist Schlock

I wondered why the image of the Eiffel tower had something dangling between its legs.... Something to do with fake trannies? I completely missed the chickenfoot aspect.
Cool Civilizational Death Wish Goes Viral!

"Just in case our enemies needed another reason to despise us, today the inactivist group Somnolent Tilty-Headed Wankers for Peace launched an exciting new graphic: the same old clapped-out hippie peace symbol but incorporating the Eiffel Tower (right)! Isn't that a cool, stylish way of showing how saddy-saddy-sadcakes you are about all those corpses in the streets of Paris? It's already gone viral! And that's all that matters, isn't it?

Our enemies use social media to distribute snuff videos as a means of recruitment. We use it to confirm to them how passive and enervated we are: What was it the last time blood ran in the streets of Paris? Oh, yeah, a pencil - for all those dead cartoonists. But, given that blood in the streets of Paris looks like becoming a regular event, it helps to have something of general application. What about, ooh, a tricolor with a blue tear at the end? No, better yet: a peace symbol with a croissant in the middle. No, wait...

What's that? All you are saying is give peace a chance? But what, in fact, are the chances of peace for Paris and France? What are the odds?

Oh, sorry. All they were saying is give peace a chance. And, having said it, they've gone back to sleep until the next atrocity requires another stupid hashtag or useless avatar.

Parisians should be revolted by this third-rate gimmick, and revile those who created and promoted it.

[UPDATE! Saddy-sad pianist plays "Imagine" outside the Bataclan theatre:

Imagine there's no countries...

Keep this up and there won't be.]"

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Robert Coble said...

Combining the memes:

"Give the religion of peace a chance!"

Just like with the "Hope and Change" mantra, they fail to ask the relevant question: give Islamists the "chance" to do WHAT?!? The answer is empirically obvious (Paris and Mali being the latest examples), but they ain't into observation, much less empiricism.

Back to the regularly scheduled Snooze Fest. . .