Thursday, November 5, 2015

Charges of Racism and Sexism are Flying Like Bats out of Carlsbad

I doubt that this video will resonate well with people who actually are familiar with both history and contemporary events, including the actual meaning of racism.

Hint: turn the volume down...

Using children in this fashion works only at and below a certain demographic level. The philosophy of immigration is, among other things, the filtering of immigrants in order to allow those who will benefit the nation in the continuance of its heritage to enter the country and become Americans within the same set of beliefs and behaviors that are traditional to the USA. That is obvious at those programs where diverse peoples all study the same American history and take the same pledge as they become fully legally American. Anchor babies and their parasitic families do not do that.

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Russell (106) said...

Well, after watching all of 15 seconds of that video I'm all for kicking these ungrateful, crass, anchor babies and their parents out, posthaste, and never letting such in again.