Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Quote of ... the Election Cycle

REALLY, JEB? REALLY? Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush apologized to the people of France on Tuesday for making fun of their work week during last week’s Republican debate.

Nothing excites Republican primary voters like an apology to the French!


Robert Coble said...

Ferme la bouche, ¡Jeb! You are not fluent in French!

Or, perhaps English as a second language might be more to the Common Core point: STFU and go away!

Hugo Pelland said...

It's so ridiculous that he had to apologize for that comment... I guess debates are not the place for implied jokes.

But I am commenting because I thought it was funny to point out that Robert used the Spanish upside-down exclamation mark, and massacred "STFU" in French ;)

Stan said...

Actually, Robert was satirizing Bush's logo, which is "Jeb!", with the single English exclamation point. Bush is running as a quasi-latino, and his Spanish logo would read as Robert wrote it. Actually it's a good political logo because it implies the opposite of the truth - that Bush has energy.

Kinda like Hillary claiming to be "most ethical vagina on the planet".

Hugo Pelland said...

Oh right, I did see the Jeb! logo but didn't know about is quasi-latino side... makes sense that he "would" understand Spanish but not French then. Do you know if he does?

Stan said...

Jeb is fluent in Spanish and gives speeches in Spanish. He apparently has hispanic family members, although I don't know who they are. All the Bushes are Latino-related, but I don't know if GW speaks Spanish.

I also have (remote) hispanic heritage, took two years of Spanish in HS, but don't speak it. Never used it. I also took French and have forgotten most of that as well.

Stan said...

I was talking with a European once, who said this: "America is incredible! You can go for 3,000 miles and everyone speaks the same language!"