Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I've been doing this for 8 years and I'm still not on any blacklists. I need advice, obviously. There are some people who are obviously privileged, since they get right on blacklists, and so easily, it appears almost effortless. Is it my breath?

Are there easy, bunny slope blacklists that get one into the proper shape for the black diamond black lists? Are there belts and degrees involved?

I'm thinking maybe there's an opportunity here - creating blacklists for the black-list disadvantaged. I'm not sure how much I'd pay to be blacklisted, not much I suppose. Unless it came with a trophy of some kind, of course. That'd do it for me, I'd sign up to be blacklisted right now, just for the trophy.


Russell (106) said...

I hereby Blacklist you. You are now on my super sekrit Blacklist reserved for badthinkers, malcontents, truthsayers, and other ne'er-do-wells .

Better? :)

Stan said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you!
Now I can apply for my Victimhood card, too.

It's so hard when you are a cis-not-a-victim these days.

Russell (106) said...

Do you need to have your feelings hurt to get the card? Um, you are smelly and your momma dresses you funny. Does that work?

"It's so hard when you are a cis-not-a-victim these days."

No kidding.

We have scramble out of the way of the rolling juggernaut of the powerless and oppressed lest we get crushed by those without any power or privilege, and driven out of our jobs and livelihood.

JBsptfn said...

Check this out. This is a sports blogger, but on his 24th podcast, he has a rant around the 38-minute mark about Cops, and about how he's tired of people in this country who don't matter:

Dubsism: Radio J-Dub Vol. 24-Crazy Stuff and Cops edition

Also, scroll down and check out his 12th and 13th podcast. A good rant about what is wrong with this country.