Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Gay Privilege"; The Bizarre Turn of Homosexuals From Oppressed Class to Oppressor Class

A new film about homosexual history comes under fire for class discrimination. It appears that transsexuals want the homosexuals to leave their privilege at the door. History must be re-written to favor the Victimhood Class du jour. It's rather confusing, so read it at the source:
Gay Versus Trans Bar Fight Breaks Out Over ‘Stonewall’


Phoenix said...

Please watch and spread this clip before it's removed from You Tube for violation of PCism.

The forced collective suicide of European nations

Stan said...

The video is already down. Any idea where to find another copy?

Not long ago it was revealed that Greece threatened the EU with just this tsunami migrants, including terrorists - if the EU didn't cut them a better deal. The EU did not, because the Greeks are spendthrifts and cannot be induced into frugal-ism, even by force. So the Greeks opened the gates thus drowning the EU with aliens. The fact that this Islamization will also nuke Greece is lost in the mountain of socialist pique.

Phoenix said...

Stan try this link

In the meantime I'm attempting to download the clip via "you tube in mp4". It's very slow.

Phoenix said...
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Phoenix said...

This link has english subtitles

yonose said...


This is going really really awful.

Honest Hispanic people like me are the ones who will pay the price dearly. Won't be able to get good life standards in the near future. Not anywhere, and will also get the risk of being killed like in homeland.

What is it with this?

Maybe much more than the usual suspicions...

Kind Regards.

Stan said...

Move to Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, or Arizona for being treated well. Also Colorado.

I worked shoulder to shoulder with hispanic engineers and technicians, and we were all just human engineers and technicians. It can be done. But probably not in a culture which is geared to tribalism and class war. Just become competent, and you'll be in good shape.

Despite the feminist outrage, I believe that the technical trades might be one of the least race/class conscious career paths. Your value is based on what you can do, period.

Having said that, engineering does present discrimination as the engineer ages. That's because there comes a time when an older engineer makes the same money as two or three brand new engineers. This is handled by giving the older engineer less interesting projects, some to the point of triviality, in order too induce him to take retirement.