Friday, November 20, 2015

Quote of the Day... this entire article:"<sarc ON>" Read it over there. There are so many laughlines there that I feel the need to send him the clicks. Well, OK, here's one:
"So let’s make sure Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats have to own this pouty passion play. You know there's no way Hillary can stand up and say what I would: “Hey you little cretins, you’ve got ‘til I count to three to get off my quad or I unleash these state troopers to get all pepper spray and nightstick up on your delicate little booties. Three.”

No, she has to kiss their collective healing circles. And we should make her do it publicly, because there’s nothing normal voters love more than seeing people giving in to petulant sophomores with an attitude. We should force her to take a stand, to decide whether she's on the side of the little college punks, or on the side of Americans. Gee, where do you think she’ll come down? Not with the normals, that’s for sure."

Clinton Goes after Laugh Factory Comedians for Making Fun of Her


Blind girl trumps PC  blacks:

Vanderbilt Hate Crime Turns Out To Be Blind Girl's Dog's Poop


Robert Coble said...

Another "non-apology" apology: "we were absolutely misinformed". Not their fault, "mistakes were made" by someone else. It actually wasn't TRUE true, but, you know, like, it COULD have been true and should have been true because . . . Dan Rather.

I am SO SICK of these sniveling little privileged snowflakes!

Here's what it costs to attend Vanderbilt, from Vanderbilt's own Web site:

Vanderbilt Attendance Costs 2015-2016

Costs for 2015-2016
The estimated costs for full-time undergraduate students attending Vanderbilt University for academic year 2015-2016 are as follows:

Tuition $43,620
Residence Hall $9,580
Meals $5,090
Books and Supplies $1,370
Student Activities and Recreation Fees $1,092
Personal Expenses $2,780
Transportation Varies



First Year Experience Fee $718
Transcript Fee (one-time payment) $30
Laboratory Fee & Laptop Allowance (Engineering Freshmen only) $2,150
Laboratory Fee (Engineering Upperclass only) $650

Modest annual increases can be expected. Students should also allow for travel expenses and health insurance (if purchased through Vanderbilt).

$66430 total (not counting travel expenses to #BLACKLIESMATTER [siic] rallies and health insurance for those times you are too stupid to realize that White People Bleed A Lot) if you are a Fre-sh-It.

Did they REALLY put "FreshMEN" on their Web site?!? Oh, the White Privilege, the microaggression of it all! I feel that Vanderbilt doesn't not provide sufficient safe space for me to consider dumping a half million dollars into their coffers for four years of Political Correctness indoctrination. It's very expensive to be able to publicly exhibit your eschewal of privilege. Only a privileged bunch of idiots would agree to pay $718 for "First Year Experience". REALLY?!? You can't get it without paying a fee?!?

Oh, wait, I get that lab fee: that's only for ENGINEERING FreshMEN, since right-thinking Others (LGBTPQRSTUVWXYZ) don't sign up for Engineering because it is just too cis-hetero-normative for the special snowflakes who need to be in special studies groups because, well, they are so "special."

I'm beginning to see why psychiatry is based on the abnormal behavior of college freshpersons.

Stan said...

HAR! Charging for first year experience (alcohol, condoms and abortion costs?)... And a grand and a half for a laptop.

Obviously they are wealthy brats (not railing against the 1%).

But here's the thing that's the best joke: the joke is on the Leftist universities that these rich roaches inhabit. Because they are making irrevocable "demands" that cannot possibly be met, this sort of thing will continue, and the stupidity of it will drive the outside populace to its contrary - common sense and conservatism. And many of the Leftist staff will get caught in this conundrum and lose their jobs. Already happened).

It's hard to imagine anything stupider than charging unconscious "microaggressions", unless it is claiming that black lives matter and "all lives don't matter". Especially while supporting abortion.

We can thank Bernie for that piece of Leftist wisdom.