Saturday, November 21, 2015

Racist By Virtue of Cis-Whiteness

Being white is an unconscious microaggression; So Stop it!

Leave your white skin at the door, or don't come it. Better still, don't come in, just leave and take all white contributions with you. Well, not the building. And not the plumbing. Oh, and not the cell phone and the electrical networks, TV and radio. And automobiles. And gasoline. Leave all that stuff - just all you whites leave.


Robert Coble said...

Don't forget all those "voluntary" contributions to the Redistribution Fund! It's very important to pay your taxes so that those who revile you can live comfortably at your expense.

What will they do when they finish killing the white goose that lays all those golden eggs?!?

Steven Satak said...

Starve, probably. Most of them seem too dim for anything else but living off the dole. Once that is gone, they'll die like flies.

Who says evolution doesn't work? Or at least, natural selection.

Phoenix said...

Ah! The strong black woman, the kind that scares black men and sends them into the arms of a white woman.