Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Vote For Fred Is A Vote For... Umm.

Fred's solutions are simple, direct, would work, and are, of course, scurrilous.
Fred for Dictator!: Good as Any, Better’n Some

"I will revive horsewhipping. This meritorious form of social encouragement will be applied liberally to anyone who says “microaggression,” “gendered,” “people of color,” “homophobe,” “trans-anything,” or “racism.” The ensuing silence will allow contemplation and reflection on higher things. The United States will then become a philosophical Clydesdale on a par with the ancient Athenians.

Erotic curiosities: I will persecute all sexual minorities I hear about. I don’t care what they do or with whom or what they do it: consenting sheep, each other, furniture, in groups, clusters, circles, with whips and chains, vacuum cleaners, involving any orifice known or to be discovered—as long as they shut up about it and do it where I don’t have to see it.

Education: After a week’s grace period—I am inherently moderate—membership in a teachers’ union will be a felony. There will be a death penalty to anyone prescribing Ritalin to the underaged; this will be carried out by starving army ants trained by the CIA in advanced interrogation techniques.

As for higher education, it will actually be higher. To begin with, all applicants to college will be required to go through Marine Corps boot camp, reconstituted to the standards of 1965. This will work miracles. Our pansified little darlings will then know what trouble is and not go all limp over Microaggressions.

l will declare departments of Victims’ Studies to be free-fire zones. They serve only to worsen race relations to a degree that would render the KKK ecstatic and to turn young women into sanctimonious twits on the intellectual level of a Klondike sled dog. The best solution may be napalm."
He had me at the "anyone who says..." part. But there's much, much more HERE. Vote and keep voting until we get the job done!

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yonose said...

Hello there!!

There are things I agree with here.

Sadly this is what you folks have to come up with. Many indulgences from either side need to be stopped. Those behaviors do not fit into decent citizenry, and thus become seedy and annoying.

For me, it's a pleasure to be cooperating with educated military staff.

Kind Regards.