Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jenner on a NZ Billboard Upsets Transgenders Due to Sack Contents

Team Cranium Capitulates To Criticism of Humor

"The billboard in Auckland's East Tamaki had angered many in the transgender community who labelled it as "transphobic" and something that risked further marginalising its members."
Now why would trannies object to the idea that their sacks are not full? Isn't that the basic idea of transgenderism? More to the point is the concept that trannies are now sacrosanct. And that to sin requires recompense and public shaming. It would be interesting to follow the fate of the perpetrator. His own sack is not all that full.

As for transphobic, taking the sign down shows the real fear of trannies and all their PC/SJW allies.


Hugo Pelland said...

The irony is that by complaining about that sign, more people, a lot more, have now seen the sign!

Stan said...

Yes. I barely know where Auckland is, much less East Tamaki. But now I know that East Tamaki has some powerful, humorless trannies... or weak corporations... or both.