Sunday, December 6, 2015

Note To Eula Biss: My Whiteness Is Not Your Issue.

A woman named Eula Biss has written an article in the NYT Magazine, entitled “White Debt”. It co-incides with another article, this one in the Federalist, by D. C. McAllister, “Why White People Will Always Be Racists”.

It’s all our fault you see, those of us who are cis-pale: we inherited it. Just as we inherited two arms and two hands.

McAllister probes from a different direction than does Biss. We'll get to Biss in a moment. In fact, McAllister tumbles to the power that emanates from pure accusation, and how accusation is used to de-legitimize and thereby destroy, merely by making prosecutorial-type accusations which are then adjudged by the prosecutors themselves, who are also the juries (neither of which has any legitimacy of their own). A condemnation cannot be overturned, nor can it ever be removed. It is a permanent encumbrance for the accused, who, once losing legitimacy, cannot regain it. An apology serves to legitimize the accusation and serves as an admission of culpability and the moral correctness of the principle which was “violated”. Only a stalwart denial of the legitimacy of the accusers has any prophylactic effect. Without such a bold ,courageous and persistent denial, accusations of moral failure serve as effective weapons from the self-morally-authorized totalitarian wannabes. We whites are under attack due to our skin color. The attacks are from non-legitimate, non-respectable sources.

The article by Biss, on the other hand, is a crystalline view into white self-loathing, and hatred of one’s own cis-Class. The white guilt is based not just on present skin tone, so becoming a trans-negro can’t help escape it. The guilt is hereditary, inescapable. There are many facts available to counter this concept, including the fact that Michelle Obama’s heritage includes slave owners, and mine does not. That doesn’t matter. What matters is Class-based: blacks as a Class in the western cultures were enslaved, mostly (but not entirely) by the class of whites. That evil, like Obama’s racism, is in the DNA. Says Biss:
” ‘‘Evil’’ is how slaves describe their masters. In Nietzsche’s telling, Roman nobles called their way of life ‘‘good,’’ while their Jewish slaves called the same way of life ‘‘evil.’’ The invention of the concept of evil was, according to Nietzsche, a kind of power grab. It was an attempt by the powerless to undermine the powerful. More power to them, I think. But Nietzsche and I disagree on this, among other things. Like many white people, he regards guilt as a means of manipulation, a killjoy. Those who resent the powerful, he writes, use guilt to undermine their power and rob them of their pleasure in life. And this, I believe, is what makes guilt potentially redemptive.

Guilt is what makes a good life built on evil no longer good.”

So evil is good (redemptive); a good life is bad (racist). The concept of evil, says Biss, came from Nietzsche. It imbued her with a sense of guilt for the evil which was imposed on blacks, yet from which she, and we, benefit through our more robust, technology- and comfort-focused culture. And that makes the very culture itself evil. So for whites to benefit from the culture is evil due to the whiteness of those early citizens who used black slaves. For Biss, one must not have a “good life” based on those evil conditions from long ago.

That might hold water if it were not for the fact that blacks are perfectly able to enjoy the benefits of our culture too, if they wish and to the degree that they wish to do so. And it is obvious that the current world slavery market is black on black and based in Africa, with no commensurate improvement in the cultures due to the benefit of exploitation of one Class by another. So there is no direct evidence other than correlation which attaches the western cultural advantages of slavery which ended here 150 years ago. And for Biss’ information, Nietzsche also declared that there is no such thing as evil.

In fact it can be shown that a huge share of the American cultural/ comfort advancement occurred during the Democrat’s Jim Crow era, when blacks were sidelined being neither owned nor significant contributors. There is no correlation, then, between technological and comfort advancement, and ownership of slaves for the past 150 years. Further, the advancement occurred despite the parasitic effect of Jim Crow, which was a significant drain. All the advancement, including civil rights, came from whites. Sure, so did wars, but not initiated by my tribe; plus, if we’d lost those world wars, civil rights would not exist.

So why should there be shame in whiteness? Why would whiteness be declared a “disease”? And what would happen if all whites were eliminated in one huge, quick, eugenic purge? What would a suddenly all-black earth look like? What would it become? (There exist microcosms to examine, such as Detroit, Baltimore, many African hell holes, and certainly lots of other Blue Model enclaves).

For one thing, there would no longer be any “white guilt” to leverage. But there would still be class-rage (Marxists never go away) and murder and probably class-riots and mayhem. But the blame, the guilt would have to be shifted. Maybe to Asians or Hispanics or Esquimeaux? But not to whites.

The human condition is not due to the phony Oppressor Class to which the self-hating weepers consign us productive whites, including themselves when it’s beneficial to do so. The human condition involves all humans. So Biss: knock off the self-flagellation in pursuit of faux Marxism. It’s intellectually and morally false. It’s truly demeaning and disgusting to watch open self-loathing for no rational reason whatsoever. And it’s infuriating for that self-loathing to be the vehicle of attack on me, by implying that it is dishonest – racist – not to self-loath.

And so Biss: find a cave somewhere and loath yourself to your highest fulfillment. But don’t come out until you are civilized and not the passive-aggressive loathing radiator which you are now.

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Robert Coble said...

A funny thing happened when I did a quick search and found that both authoresses are - WHITE.