Monday, December 14, 2015

Another Quote of the Day - So Much to Choose From

"Surprised because we didn’t vet a terrorist? Hell, we did not vet a president."
Don Surber, quoted at Instapundit
Well, some of us did.

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Robert Coble said...

The information about PBHO (PBUH) past (college transcripts, travel records, etc.) has been sealed from public scrutiny. It's as if the information does NOT exist.

The same is true of the information needed to vet potential ISIS infiltrators through the immigration process. The information required for vetting is either not available (war-torn countries have a very difficult time maintaining tabs on the bad guys and gals), or it is intentionally distorted to provide cover to the sleepers.

So how did that very strong vetting process work in the case of PBHO (PBUH)?

It was no less (and no more) effective than the vetting process that is supposed to stop Islamic terrorists from getting inside the walls via the immigration process.

Walls? WHAT walls?!? We don't even have a border!