Monday, December 14, 2015

When the Media Go Ballistic... know there's an actual threat to their Narrative:
● NORMAN LEAR: Trump ‘Scares the Hell Out of Me’…
● CBS’s Bouie: Trump Supporters Symbolize ‘Racial Resentment and Anti-Black Attitudes’ Toward Obama.
● CNN’s Zakaria Hits Trump, Compares Himself to German Jews Slamming Hitler.
● NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Compares Trump and George Wallace Voters.
● Washington Post: GOP Must Denounce Donald Trump’s Campaign of ‘Hatred, Bigotry and Rage.’
● WashPost Hypes ‘Illuminating’ George Takei Lecturing Trump on ‘Paranoia.’
● Buzzfeed Effectively Bans Pro-Donald Trump Opinions from Site.
● Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Time: ‘Trump Is ISIS’s Greatest Triumph.’

Ed Driscoll, at Instapundit.
Go there for links to each source.


Robert Coble said...

I don't like Trump and his "I'm GREAT! It's gonna be great, because I'm GREAT!" schtick. I prefer someone (ANYONE!) other than an avowed crony capitalist who plays both sides of the political spectrum for his own aggrandizement. That said, I love the way he has changed the conversation, especially on political correctness and immigration. Maybe there is more to the man than there appears. . .

I do have to admit to a tiny streak of sadism. I informed my ardent Progressive Millenial co-worker that I was thinking of switching my vote to Trump. I thought his head might explode.

Stan said...

That's the part about Trump that I like: he explodes SJWs. Most of the media just might have coronaries before this is over.