Monday, December 14, 2015

If You Had Any Doubts About Jerry Brown...

Jerry Brown Touts 'Coercive Power of the State' on Climate Change

"California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) raised some eyebrows while attending the United Nations Climate Summit in Paris, proclaiming the "coercive power of the central state" is needed to promote good public policy, specifically when it comes to a cleaner environment.

Taking part in an onstage presentation with billionaire and climate activist Tom Steyer, Brown said government regulations force companies to adopt clean technologies.

After Steyer mentioned business frameworks, Brown said,
"Tom, you used the phrase 'policy.' Good policy. But I want to unpack that term a little bit. Inside the policy, you need a law. You need a rule. You need the coercive power of government to say, 'Do this.' Now, you have to be wise and don't say something stupid or order something stupid but the fact is, the regulations supported by the laws drive innovation."

The Sacramento Bee reported that Brown later urged a small crowd to
"never underestimate the coercive power of the central state in the service of good."
"You can be sure California is going to keep innovating, keep regulating," the 77-year-old Democrat said. "And, shall I say, keep taxing."
Personally, I have never doubted him on this subject.

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