Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mascot Politics

There is a very interesting discussion of Thomas Sowell's "Mascot Politics" article over at VFR. There are some very interesting comments in the thread below the article.

My personal current observation is that most of the liberal (AtheoLeftist Messiah) mascots (Victimhood Class) are as enabled as they want to be. Women, blacks, homosexuals (LGBTQDPNODFBKJDD) all are both a) not persecuted and b) free to do whatever they want... as well as enabled by Affirmative Action at every turn in their lives. If they want to be a part of successful living, they can be. And that is the reason for the invention of the microagression, white privilege, Black Lives Matter, and other tools for Leftist combat. The old oppressed classes are not oppressed in real life.

These newly fabricated "oppressions" are invisible, except to the SJW who makes the charge, usually against someone s/he doesn't like. It's not real racism, it's just that you have white skin, and that is offensive because it implies, no it proves that you belong to the wrong class: the Oppressor Class. Same with sexism: you don't have a "real" vagina.

No overt action of racist/sexist nature is required for racism/sexism to be charged. No panicky apology and genuflection can save the Oppressor Class individual from approbation and denigration, even overt attacks on employment, organization membership or status as student.

The total invisibility of the microaggression is a master stroke as a last ditch effort to maintain the three class marxist system of socio-political progressivism, dominated by the self-anointed Goods, the virtuous, (in a universe which contains neither good nor virtue). The Messiahs absolutely MUST have victims to save, or else Messiahism is trivial.

When I grew up, there were indeed highly visible class distinctions. Due to Democrat Jim Crow segregation, the blacks all lived "over there". They had their own schools, which taught them very little, certainly not personal hygiene or speaking American English. Segregation was the tool which the Democrats used to oppress and restrain blacks. The Republican Civil Rights laws (yes plural: laws) were essential at that time. But that was 2.6 generations ago, plenty of time for equalizing the rights of minorities to join the pursuit of the American Dream - and many did do just that.

But that damaged the Democrat - Leftist ability to claim oppression; they lost much of their Victimhood class. So they had to make "oppression" stuff up, and that is the thrust of the Democrat - AtheoLeftist - Progressive - Messiah movement, ever since. That explains the false campus rape panic, the "open season on black youth" panic, and the AGW panic. Without those (false) crises, the Messiahs have no traction, no raison d'etre.

And that is why Obama has just declared that AGW is the Hugest, Dangerousest, Super-Scariest threat that there is. Certainly not any form of Islam; Islam is firmly entrenched in the Victimhood Class, and therefore cannot possibly produce any offense or oppression, because of its class membership. Just as blacks cannot be racist and women cannot be sexist.

It's all easily understood, if it is observed through marxist class theory. Otherwise it appears chaotic and irrational.

Here's an example, where Arab Palestinians are the Victimhood Group and the Israelis are the Oppressors:
How The New York Times whitewashes Palestinian terror
Narrative always trumps truth.

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