Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Professor Declares ‘Whiteness’ a ‘Disease’

U. Colorado Prof Declares Whiteness a Disease

" In “‘Why Do You Make Me Hate Myself?’: Re-teaching Whiteness, Abuse, and Love in Urban Teaching Education,” the author insists that “the racial achievement gap” and other racial disparities are “symptoms” of “the underlying diseases of racism and Whiteness” (italics added).

Whiteness is a disease.

Matias explains that while the “inclusion of socially just philosophies in the curriculum is indeed essential” in order “to meet the needs of a growing urban populace,” such philosophies “can mask the recycling of normalized, oppressive Whiteness.”

Thus, it is imperative, Matias maintains, to “deconstruct Whiteness, abuse, and love in teacher education.”
So if X and Y and Z are outperformed by K, then K is the problem. In fact, K is a disease.

Another indicator that going to this college (U of CO) is a waste of time, money, and brain cells.

I have made this attempt to contact Dr. Matias in order to get a clarification on my disease:

Dr. Matias,

You have been quoted in internet articles as claiming that whiteness is a disease. I have been unable to find your writing(s) which justify this position, and I am interested in understanding how you came to this position on the white race. I am under the impression (without actually knowing) that you are not white, as am I. I do, apparently have this disease, and I am interested in knowing more about it.

If I do have this disease, despite having distant hispanic genealogical roots, and hispanic family members, how do I combat it, in your estimation?

Having whiteness as a disease doesn’t seem to encumber me in my daily pursuits, as would other diseases. So other than skin color, what defects does this disease produce? Will it ultimately kill me purely due to my skin tone?

If you could either respond directly, or point me to your publications in which you empirically justify your observations of this disease and its effects, I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks and Regards,
Stan, email here: ascent.from.materialism@gmail.com

Frontpage Magaine continues to deconstruct Matias and the use of "Critical Race Theory" (CRT):
" It should also be clear by now that, by design, CRT (not unlike every other department that has been invented for the sake of advancing gender and racial identity politics) is self-immunized against the very possibility of refutation. And this is because it is meant to preempt argument. Consider: If whites think as whites or collectively, then they are guilty of “racism.” Yet so too are whites “racist” if they insist upon judging people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, i.e. if they endorse a “color-blind ideology.”

No matter what, the game is rigged in advance to convict all whites of “racism.”

Proponents of CRT, in their singular (obsessive) focus upon distributions of “power,” betray their end game: It is they who seek power. In fact, they seek a monopoly on power.

This is the objective of all who rely upon “Newspeak.” The great philosopher Roger Scruton explains: “Newspeak occurs whenever the main purpose of language—which is to describe reality—is replaced by the rival purpose of asserting power over it.”

While Newspeak “sentences sound like assertions,” the truth is that “their underlying logic is the logic of the spell.” Newspeak is talismanic, not persuasive. Its language is meant to blind us to what’s right in front of our faces, to render us oblivious to reality.

Scruton quotes Francoise Thom, who observed that communists used Newspeak “to protect ideology from the malicious attacks of real things.” Ditto with CRT.

Newspeak is notable, Scruton remarks, for its “use of nominalizations instead of direct verbs, the lack of indexicals, the preference for the passive voice and impersonal idioms, the replacement of predications with comparatives, the ubiquitous imperative mood.”

In other words, Newspeak trades in impersonal, highly general abstractions, i.e. “isms.” Critical Race Theory is a textbook illustration of this: The individual is swallowed up, his or her intentions dissolved before the omnipresence of “systemic racism.”

It is with this, parents, that your children are being inundated. Dear taxpayer, it is for the sake of subsidizing this anti-intellectual drivel that you labor.

But let’s get even more exact: White parents and taxpayers are paying the salaries of faculty and administrators so that the latter can turn around and declare to the next generation that they are a “disease.”"
The institutional replacement of inductive/deductive logic with Marxism-as-Truth is the bottom line.

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