Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Venezuela Goes Sane Again

Hasta la Vista, Socialism!

"We have chronicled the catastrophic collapse of socialism in Venezuela here and in many other posts. Government control over the economy, beginning with liberal hero Hugo Chavez and continuing under his successor, Nicolás Maduro, resulted in poverty for pretty much everyone outside the ruling elite. (Socialism produces the most rigid class distinctions of any economic system.) Venezuelans were engaging in knife fights in grocery stores, trying to grab the last loaf of bread. Toilet paper disappeared, as Venezuela could neither produce nor buy such a humble product. The disaster was complete.

Happily, Venezuela still has elections. Yesterday, the anti-socialist opposition swept to a historic victory, winning a supermajority of 112 of 167 congressional seats. While the revulsion of the people of Venezuela against socialism was obvious, Maduro’s government was unrepentant:

Mr. Maduro on Monday night blamed the party’s loss on an “economic war” waged by the private sector and shadowy international interests that hide goods from supermarket shelves to make the government look bad. He promised to press ahead with the revolution.

That’s very funny, in a black humor sort of way. “Shadowy international interests” are “hid[ing] goods from supermarket shelves to make the government look bad.” Right. We could call that an invisible hand that causes goods not to appear in stores, the opposite of a sane system."
And this:
"Venezuelans know all about graft: Hugo Chavez’s daughter, Maria Gabriela Chavez, has a $4 billion fortune that was stolen from the Venezuelan people. And she is not the only beneficiary of left-wing corruption. Alejandro Andrade, who was Venezuela’s treasury minister under Chavez, was found to have $11.2 billion in Swiss bank accounts. No wonder Venezuelans thought it was time to give freedom a chance!"
Who would expect such things from the wonders of Socialism?? Bernie and Hillary, please call in.

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Russell (106) said...

I'd bet they, or their supporters, will trot out the "Not true socialism" or "We just need the right people in charge" counters. Like they have over and over again.