Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WaPo Laments Trump's Maverick Success

Remember when Whatsisname... McCain claimed to be the maverick every conservative was looking for? When you're through laughing, read on.
Along with Trump’s rhetoric, the stakes for 2016 have risen dramatically

“Historian David Kennedy of Stanford University said there are few comparisons, adding that, in branding an entire religious class of people as not welcome, Trump “is further out there than almost anyone in the annals of [U.S.] history.”

From the day he announced his candidacy in June, Trump has continually tested the limits of what a candidate can say and do with apparent political impunity. In that sense, he has played by a different set of rules. In the wake of his latest provocation, the question arises once again: Will this finally stop him? Everything to date suggests those who believe it should be tentative in their predictions.”
They still don’t understand: the old political “rules” are totally corrupt, yet candidates still line up to play by them. Kowtow to the moneybags, in order to afford the cost of a campaign. And then they are lost to honesty, and they are the only choice the people have on voting day. (Or maybe they understand, but like the corruption).

The candidates immediately become absolute intellectual slaves to the PC narratives favored by their rich benefactors, turning into the “cuckservatives” that are actually RINOs in older parlance. The entire Republican line-up is this form of political roach, except for the three “outsiders”. (Possibly excepting Cruz as well).

Only these three have the intellectual freedom of honesty, and of these, Trump gets the media play. Even though Trump says some stupid things, he is dead-on on the issues, and the issues are not the false issues of gun control and climate panic, the Red Herrings of the PC Narrative of the Leftist choirs. Trump alone now has the media focus to name the issues, name the threat, and revel in the heat he generates.

I have to respect anyone who the Left fears as much as they fear Trump. He stomps on their Narrative, and laughs at their reaction. And that reminds me of “Bullmoose” Teddy Roosevelt.

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