Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hamas Killed Palestinians, Then Blamed Israel

It's even worse than that:
US Expert: Hamas, not Israel, Killed Boys on Beach in Gaza War

"Wictor says in the film that the victims ''were not, as some media reports claimed, 'scrawny fishermen’s kids,' but members of a powerful family prominent in support of the Fatah Party – Hamas’s arch-rivals. In other words, Hamas had every reason to consider these children expendable.''

Partly based on the fact that the many photographs of the dead boys curiously showed no bleeding, Wictor says that they were probably executed by Hamas the day before and that the corpses were then blown up in a Hamas-arranged explosion the next day.

Most compelling of all, it would seem, is the footage showing the first reporter to arrive on the scene, Alex Marquardt of ABC news. ‘’He (and many others) are clearly shown running past the exact spot where the mangled bodies of three of the dead children were found later," Wicker states. "But the spot is empty: no blood, no bodies, just sand. Had they been there, they would have been impossible to miss.’’

EJP reports that this is one of many clues leading Wictor to infer that the bodies were placed there later, after the beach had been cleared by many Hamas operatives stage-managing the stunt and distracting the press. Several of them are clearly visible in the footage, including a man in a purple shirt who appears to be in charge of the operation."
So. They apparently assassinated the Fatah boys well in advance, then placed them on the beach and blew them up in order to blame the Israelis for a war crime which Hamas actually committed itself, in cold blood. This is in keeping with other fake war crimes they have produced in the past.

Is anyone ready to declare these people to not be real Muslims (No True Muslim Fallacy)? If so, why does the Left hold them in such esteem?

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