Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rape Culture Came to Germany

And was invited in.
An Unmentionable Refugee Question
With three major cities in Germany experiencing rape and sexual assault by large groups of "North African or Arabic" men, one would think that the connection with immigration of non-assimilated males would be automatic. But as shown in the Commentary Magazine article, the Left stumbles all over itself to deny the connection. Just as terror, murder, genocide, rape, and slavery are not to be connected to the prophet and his Qur'an, these rapes are not to be connected either.

In fact, Commentary makes this statement near the end of the article:
"But just as the Paris and San Bernardino attacks exposed the foolishness of liberals who wish to throw the gates open to tens or hundreds of thousands of Syrians without proper vetting, so, too, should we be wary of emulating Europe’s open gate policy toward Middle Eastern immigrants that aren’t being educated about how to live in the West."
The deadened intellects of Muslims cannot be "educated" out of their own cultural intellectual deadness. Islam is totally closed to inputs from outside the diktat of the Mulluh, the Imam, the hadith and Qur'an. Western education of Muslims into a cultural change from Islam into open, tolerant culture is a fool's errand. To the Islamic mind, freedom and democracy are anarchy, evil tools of Satan, and the west is useful only for its wealth, its toys, and its potential for Islamic territorial expansion. But not for its peace, regardless of what these "refugees" claim; Islam always brings Islamic war. It always has and always will, so long as there is a free person left on earth.

Refer to the coming conflict between the Saudis and Iran, the next Islamic war in the region dominated by the Religion of Peace.

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