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The Beloved Migrant's Victimhhood Class and the Beloved Principle of Multiculturalism are in Drect Conflict with the Beloved Women’s Victimhood Status.

Taharrush Comes To the EU
The principle of Taharrush is becoming a household word, like jihad and takiyya. Takharrush is now known as sexual abuse against women by groups of men. It is an Arabic cultural phenomenon which grew out of the use of the word to describe sexual abuse of children, and is now expanded to include sexual abuse and rape of women.

I have found two studies on the subject of taharrush. This practice of a group of men surrounding a woman and assaulting her by word and hand groping of “all orifices” and sometimes rape began apparently in Egypt.

The rationale is this: The original culture of female dominance in the home and male dominance in supplying the home with financial stability and physical protection has become damaged. During the 20th century, modernization came to Egypt under both Nasser’s socialism, and Sadat’s reforms. Most notably, females were made equal to men, and men lost jobs (to women and other modern reasons).

The hyper masculine culture could not withstand the reduction of masculinity, especially in the lower classes, where males experienced high unemployment. The males, still operating under the traditional form of masculinity, gathered daily in the streets, especially in Cairo. They began to reassert their masculine dominance of women, who they still considered chattel under Islamic law. The ability to attack the women seems enhanced by the concept of sex with slave girls, even if the slavery is temporary, say for minutes.

Thus as displays of masculinity, primarily to impress their compatriots, men would form a wall around any woman, any age, any nationality including tourists, and then would sexually fondle the woman, taunt her, and sometimes rape her, right there in the street in broad daylight. Apparently this restored the masculinity of the men, at least in the eyes of the other men at the scene, and self-image was restored. At least to the attacker. [Note 1]

Thought of the woman, her feelings and rights, never enters their minds. The woman is fair game under the principles of Islam.

This is the concept of Taharrush. If this constitutes an understanding of it, it certainly does not constitute approval of it in the minutest. Taharrush is barbaric, it is based in the cruelties of a barbaric worldview which degrades both men and women, and yet is a worldwide system which generates violent adherents intent on conquest.

If you have seen the videos on YouTube of the refugees trying to mount trucks going under the channel to England, you know that they are almost all young adult males with nothing, many not even with backpacks. According to the studies, these are the exact demographic which uses Taharrush to bolster their self-esteem. If this is the case, and it is, then the mass molestations and rapes are an expectation, not a deviation. And it explains the high number of rapes suffered by Muslim women in the river of refugees, as well.

Leftist Conundrum
It also explains why the government and police have been burying the news, much less statistics, regarding the epidemic of attacks both on European women and on refugee women. Taharrush reflects badly on multiculturalism. Apparently multiculturalism is a higher priority than the safety of the Victimhood Classes of women attacked under the culture of Taharrush. That had been a closely held secret, until the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne. Now the news is out, and the existence of Taharrush is now known across a wide swath of Europe. But many women had to be attacked before the authorities admitted the problem.

Europe’s response has been to a) blame women; b) assert aggressive gun control; c) claim a need for “education” of refugee men; d) fear for the safety of the refugees due to reprisals.

Let’s analyze just a bit. a) it is not women’s fault; b) gun control is to protect the refugee barbarians, not to stop the attacks; c) educating several millennia of acculturation out of these men is not likely. These men already espouse a hatred of their new countries, shouting Fuck [everything]. They have been taught barbarism since childhood and now they are reduced to barbarous conditions where they are subservient to everyone, including anyone who helps them. This will not be easily remedied, especially not with Leftist dream-tropes. And d), fear for the safety of the migrants is a valid concern, if not the most pressing. It will become more urgent as the EU fumbles and fails to deal properly with the influx of barbarism into itself.

The Multicultural Paradox
The gap of cultures between barbarism and women’s rights is a formidable chasm. The Merkel style of fawning support for it fails to acknowledge the inherent paradox, the internal contradiction which infects multiculturalism. It is this: Multiculturalism assumes that all cultures are like the culture of the multiculturist in that all cultures actually want to coexist in a western cultural fashion.

But multiculturalism cannot accommodate any culture which does not want to coexist with western culture. This obvious truth is highly visible in major portions of the world, from the Atheist countries of China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba to the Islamic countries around the world from Malaysia to North Africa and the entire Middle East.

Under strict politically correct multiculturalism, all of these who want to destroy the western cultures must be allowed into the west, even illegally. The presupposition of assimilation is understood, if not stated. But it cannot happen. Multiculturalism depends on the cultures being alike in their fundamental concepts, not differing radically, as do Atheist Communism, Atheist Fascism and Qur'anic Islam.

So multiculturalism cannot be very “multi”; it must restrict itself to cultures which are already very much like itself. If it is truly “multi”, then it will kill itself with death by immigrant. So true multiculturism cannot ever be true multiculturism, and that is a logical paradox.

Back in the USA
The rapes of many if not most of the females who are attempting to enter the US illegally from the border with Mexico represents a similar problem for multiculturalism. Entering also are the rapists, along with people who want the largesse of US government handouts (which are now considerable). Undoubtedly many will work. Undoubtedly many will be satisfied with their new-found taxpayer support.

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unwanted touching of women’s bodies,
12.2% following and stalking, 4.3% exposed
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• Results confirmed that the majority of these
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on the streets, 49.1% on public
transportation, 42.4% in parks and coffee
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19.8% on beaches, and 6.2% in the

• Most participants stated they prefer to harass
in the evening, followed by mid-day, no
specific time, morning, and after midnight.

• Regarding frequency of harassing behavior,
the vast majority of male participants stated
they harassed women approximately once a
day, while others stated they did so more
than once a day. The minority harassed
weekly and then monthly.

• Regarding reasons for the harassing
behavior, results show that the vast majority
of harassers 41.8% believe that harassing
behavior works to satisfy their repressed
sexual desires, perhaps confirming the above
classification of the “bull harasser” who
indiscriminantly looks to satisfy his sexual
desire at any time or place with any females
he sees.

• 23.1% of the men surveyed reported that
harassing women made them feel more
masculine, more confident, stronger in
relation to women, powerful. 13.9%
considered harassing degrading and
humiliating to women, and agreed with the
conclusion that sexual harassment enhances
the already existing culture of male
hegemony through acts of violence by men
against women.

• 19.3% said that they experience no positive
or negative feelings when they harass
women because they are accustomed to
doing it since they were young.

• Results indicate that 53.8% of men blame
men’s sexual harassment of women on the
women. They interpret the cause of sexual
harassment primarily as a result of women
dressing indecently (unveiled). However,
our study shows that most victims of
harassment wear headscarves, illustrating
the falseness of this claim. 42.4% of men
also attributed harassment to women’s
beauty. One of the interviewees said that
when he sees a beautiful woman he tries to
harass her verbally first and then sees how it
might develop further. Others said that they
harass women because women enjoy it.
27.7% reported that they harass women to
satisfy their sexual desire, or to pass the
time, or to increase self-confidence. When
we analyzed these responses, we found that
all reflect the idea of masculine hegemony.

Usually men blame women, not themselves,
describing her appearance as inappropriate
or saying that she initiated it or likes to be

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