Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why The GOP Establishment Hates Trump and Cruz

From Red State:
The anger at Trump is more the result of the feeling that he has betrayed his class by seeking the approval of the rubes in flyover country.The vitriol tossed towards Ted Cruz though indicates that his vision of a corrupt establishment that has forfeited the Mandate of Heaven. What is worse is that they know they are dealing with an honest man who believes in what he preaches, he doesn’t, like many of his critics, mouth platitudes then sneer at the people who elected them. When the establishment wooed Rubio, the Gang of Eight amnesty bill was the product. When Ted Cruz was appointed vice chairman of the NRSC he fought to keep that organization out of primaries and then left it when it would not stop acting as an incumbent protection racket.

These people see their gravy train coming to an end. They see the curtain falling on Failure Theater. They are pissed, they are angry, they don’t understand the mood in the GOP, and they are striking out.
Put them in the dustbin of history. Handcuff them and return them to the Democrats.

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