Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Femynyst Blows Hyr Cool

Courtney Enlow BLOWS UP
I didn't read the whole thing. Her one track, one issue position, and her flaming anger at criticism of Hillary is obvious from the first few paragraphs. Do read the part about her husband and Bernie's hair; she must be a joy to live with.

But it does show how the Left is eating itself.


Rikalonius said...

Fuck everything, I'm with her. That says it all. It doesn't matter a hill of beans about anything she's done, I want a female president (but only on her terms of course). I'm sure she's never sat around with her smarmy "progressive" friends bashing Sarah Palin, or Michelle Malkin, or Condi Rice, or Michelle Bachman. No, I'm sure she treats those women with the same reverence she demands others give to Hillary. It's just to bad she closed the comments. I would at least liked to have grabbed the popcorn and read the Sandernistas rip into her.

Steven Satak said...

The Left will always consume its own, or what used to be its own, or at least the 'useful idiots' who've outlived their usefulness. The Left is powered by what they called in the old days, 'spiritual pride'. We call it egoism, self-worship, narcissism, ad nauseum. But it's been around for a long time. Just, never in such nihilistic, soul-destroying concentration.

Can you imagine folks completely ignoring the fact that socialism has NEVER worked and voting for Sanders? It's like they're carrying a card that says "I want on the gravy train, I want the free stuff I deserve. If I have to take it from you via the government, I'm fine with that."

They're cutting their own throats, and seem to revel in it. I suppose Obamacare will pay for the hospitalization of the survivors, but really, it's Obamacare and everything else that is poised to go down the tubes.