Thursday, February 11, 2016

Homeschooling and Socialization

Homeschooling is hated by the governing class. Children might not learn the intellectual abeyance principles required for the Department of Education's ideological transfer programs. But that's not the stated reason for disrespecting Homeschooling. Ever since the data became available showing the superiority of student performance in all areas, including math and science, the complaint has been that students can't socialize properly if they are not warehoused in government schools. But the term "socialized" needs unpacking:
Thomas Smedley, who prepared a master’s thesis for Radford University of Virginia on “The Socialization of Homeschool Children,” put it this way:

In the public school system, children are socialized horizontally, and temporarily, into conformity with their immediate peers. Home educators seek to socialize their children vertically, toward responsibility, service, and adulthood, with an eye on eternity.

As a result, most homeschooled kids grow into well-adjusted, flexible, and emotionally mature adults, open to a diversity of peers and social contexts.

Psychology professor Richard G. Medlin wrote in “Homeschooling and the Question of Socialization Revisited,”

Homeschooling parents expect their children to respect and get along with people of diverse backgrounds.… Compared to children attending conventional schools … research suggest that they have higher quality friendships and better relationships with their parents and other adults.

Furthermore, says Medlin, “They are happy, optimistic, and satisfied with their lives.” How often do you hear those words applied to any other group of children?
Not only do they learn more and better, they are better socialized.

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JBsptfn said...

I agree with the horizontal socialization part in the public schools. That especially becomes noticeable from Junior High on. At that point, it is about becoming popular. If you don't fit in to the stupid norms, you are garbage. And, if students get bullied, the teachers don't seem to defend them. Some even side with the popular kids.