Sunday, February 14, 2016

Replication and Falsification In Action: Taking on the Leftist Narrative-As-Science

Leftists have proposed that Conservatives are simplistic; they took some data on their Leftist compadres and behold! they "proved" their narrative. But how reliable would such data be. Fortunately there are still others who believe in replication and so they have done so in an expanded test.
Are Conservatives Really Simple-Minded?
Heterodox Academy is a relatively new site which is devoted to publishing all sides of an issue, including findings which the Leftist academic machine will not publish. It might prove to be a valuable source for seeing real science, as it compares to Leftist academic narrative confirmation.

If you're interested in this, as I am, then read the whole thing THERE; it's too long to reprint here.

As for simple-minded thinking, following a narrative to the letter rather than objectively examining reality starting with all premises for a position, THAT is simple-minded, and that is the standard Leftist-Atheist approach to knowledge. For the Left, all knowledge starts and ends with the Narrative. That makes it easy and, of course, quite Simple-Minded.

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