Sunday, February 14, 2016

Standard Leftist Trajectory?

'Pray we overcome': Kanye West reveals he is $53million in debt... after explaining his album title in ongoing Twitter rant
Everything "Kanye" is trivial, except his debt and arrogance.

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Robert Coble said...

Wait! Wait! Is this the same Kanye West who is married to Lim Lardassian? Maybe he should go the same route as the Lardassian patriarch, matriarch, whatever s/h/it happens to be today. It certainly seems to catapult one into the infotainment stratosphere. Just think how much money he could make peddling Conya Beast albums! Or, just sell off a few hundred acres from the Lardassian bootie; there is an entire drilled oil field back there. Drill, baby, drill! Get that ho out on the street making some bread!

Fer Chris' sakes! The world is dissolving into chaos and we're "stuck on stupid" worrying about how poor Kanye is going to continue living the mega-rich lifestyle he has grown accustomed to?!?

I'm having a hard time working up any sympathy.