Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ace Bitchslaps Brooks

David Brooks: Gee, I Guess Me and My Fellow Well-Heeled Establisment Swells Kind of Didn't Listen to the Voters for Years, Huh?
Ya gotta go THERE for the full effect.


Steven Satak said...

On a completely unrelated thought, Yahoo actually considers newsworthy this headline:

"I Went to a Trump Rally and Shouted 'Black Lives Matter'. This Is What Happened".

The whole story is by the Washington Post. Eww. Went to the comments, naturally, and what do you think? Many of the posts were expressing outrage over censorship of the comments section. Apparently, some shill posters (sock puppets) pretending to be 'Conservatives' and acting like absolute retards were being challenged by other conservative types.

Guess which type of comment was being deleted, out of hand, by the 'screening staff' of the WaPo?

Reminds me of the time when the Westboro Baptist Church was revealed for the lawerly Leftist phonies they are. That got swallowed up quicker than spit, and no one was doing the burying quicker than the ones who started it all.

Rikalonius said...

That's a great article, with one caveat. Ace says they are "educated" I say they are merely credentialed. Like the leftist academics, they live in echo chambers. Their education, so-called, is extremely linear. I may be wrong, but I think people with a broad-based education don't come to these conclusions, it is people who are propagandized in ivory towers to either the left or the right. Additionally, so many of them, on both sides of the political isle, are damnable lawyers. That should tell you something.