Sunday, March 20, 2016

Why? Because No One Else "Gives a Damn".

Arizona Mom Who Lost Son to Illegal Immigrant Explains Why She Endorsed Donald Trump Over Ted Cruz
Even putative "conservatives" don't care enough to really reach out to the victims of Illegal Aliens. So Mendoza says this:
"Donald Trump is “the first person that I ever felt gave a damn about what’s happening to us,” Mary Ann Mendoza told Breitbart News ahead of her forthcoming appearance at Trump’s rally in Arizona.

Mendoza said that, by contrast, Ted Cruz is “not somebody I can trust,” adding:
"He’s not steadfast in his word. When you have big money backing you and you want the presidency as bad as he does, you’re obviously going to do what you need to do in order to made good on your promises to the people who backed you and made it possible for you to get into the office."
“Big money is backing Cruz, and he’s going to become a puppet to those people directing him [to do] what they want,” she explained."
That much is empirically obvious, as is the treatment that Cruz gave to the only black candidate the nation had in this election.

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